"Dominika " Modern Interior Door Grey Ash Finish
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"Dominika " Modern Interior Door Grey Ash Finish

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*Price that is shown for this model interior door is for the door slab only and is not available with the molding and framing. Hinges and door handles are excluded from the pricing. 


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Dominika Modern Interior Door Grey Ash Finish









Gone are the days of boring cookie cutter doors, With our new line of modern and contemporary interior doors anyone can now bring a designer touch to their homes. Our lines of interior doors are equally beautiful, strong and affordable.If you thought you couldn’t afford those high end doors you see in the magazines it’s time to look again. We have designs to fit any style and a color selection to match.

 MDF interior doors: constructed using a solid wood skeleton around the perimeter and a wider piece of wood towards the middle of the door, this is done to unsure that any drilling or fastening during installation will be done into wood. MDF strips are then placed throughout the door in 6 inch intervals to add support, wood laminated panels are then applied, each side is laminated prior to Assembly this ensures that the wood veneer will never come off. Many doors may look the same but our innovative design gives the consumer a absolutely maintenance free product that lasts. MDF frame an molding set: Natural wood veneer laminated MDF jamb with wood center so all screws go into wood. frames comes matching to doors, adjustable 3-5 ¼” inch jamb, all fastening screws are later concealed by door stopper so no need to fill in holes left from screws. 2 1/2 inch molding ties the whole set together moldings can be cut at 45 degrees or finished strait to give a more modern look, installers choice.



Door Type:


Door Style:

Modern / Contemporary 


Wood Veneer  /  Bleached Oak


Solid Wood Skeleton , MDF , Wood Veneer Bleached Oak 

Jamb Thickness


Door Thickness:

1 1/2”

Actual Door Width:

23 1/2" , 29 1/2" , 31 1/2" , 35 1/2"

Actual Door Height:


Glass Type:


Glass Style:


Glass Thickness:




Fire Rating:


Hurricane Rated:


Rough Opening Needed 

Width - Add 2 3/4" to door slab, Height - Add 2" to door slab






Rough opening measurement

See picture below in order to know how to accurately measure rought opening. First, three times measure the widths between the studs of the entryway. On picture 1 they are highlighted with arrowed lines and A, B, C. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements. Second, measure the height on both sides (see picture 2 A, B lines) and also record the smallest measurement.



Determining your Door Size (for the single and double door configurations)

From your rough opening width subtract 2 1/2", and 1 1/4" from the height. This will determine your door slab size.






Single Rabbeted Jambs

Made from solid wood or marine plywood base. The door stop inlays a rubber seal. The thickness of the door jamb is 3 7/8”, which is adjustable to 4 7/8” using the L-Casing molding.





L-shaped Casings


Made from high-pressed MDF. Adjust the thickness of the frame up to 5 3/4" thanks to L-shaped construction.
Door casings width: 2 13/16”






Door Handle  Backset Preparation


Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole





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